Mobile Veterinarian Practices for non-invasive diagnostics and therapy



Noninvasive methods are not harmful for your animal. Please see some examples as follows:


ambulance_button_800_clr_16620We work mobile in order to avoid stress for you and your animal. 


blood_drop_800_clr_16612Besides "normal" blood analysis we do darkfield analysis and lightfield analysis on site. 


microscope_button_800_clr_16613We do microscopic analysis of skin particles, hair, urine, sweat, saliva and stool. 


mortar_rx_symbol_800_clr_16608 For the benefit of your animal we work with homeopathy, bach flowers,  herbs, aromatherapy and phytotherapy. 


stethoscope_button_800_clr_16611We use non-linear diagnostics and therapy (NLS), analysis of interference fields, energetic and funktional methods and common analysis of body and vital values. 


For further information please call 0049160-98586469 or write an email to